Axil Gardens



Located in scenic Quispamsis, Axil Gardens provides Culinary & Teaching Gardens that serve as a hands-on gardening retreat. We offer a space to learn, relax and get you (and your family) growing your own food. Our mission is to provide an experience that is both fun and engaging at any age! We aim to educate, inspire and empower our clients to explore the joys and possibilities in growing their own food at home.

Why Axil? (well if you might humour me while I geek out for a minute....) In botanical terms, the axil is;

"the angle between the upper side of a leaf or stem and the stem or branch that supports it"

It is in the axil where the new growth or bud forms. Axil Gardens can provide the support required for "budding" gardeners of any age. Instead of just thinking about gardening or becoming discouraged with failed attempts, let US give you the support you need!


meet kim


Hi! I'm Kim Osepchook and I am the founder and owner of Axil Gardens. As a Mom to three great kids, and like many parents, I often struggle with two major challenges: 1) ensuring that my kids eat well, and 2) having them detach from technology and become more in tune with the natural world. Between these parenting challenges and the many questions and comments I have received over the years such as " I would love try growing my own food, but I don't know where to start" or " why aren't my zucchini plants producing?", it seemed to me there was room for an educational experience that could serve both children and adults alike.




Initially a dream of a young single mother to start a farm, the business has evolved and grown into what is now known as Axil Gardens.

Kim Osepchook, founder & operator, has over 15 years of organic gardening experience. Kim's passion is growing food and she has always firmly believed in using natural and sustainable methods. She has had the pleasure of selling vegetables and herbs directly to customers at the Local Farmers Market (Kingston, NB & St. Andrews, NB) and through a weekly Community Supported Agriculture Program. She has also provided fresh produce to several restaurants in Saint John and surrounding areas including; The Shadow Lawn Inn (Rothesay, NB), The Alqonquin Resort (St. Andrews, NB), Lemongrass Thai Fare,  Opera Bistro, Saint John Alehouse, Toro Taco, Barred Rock Chicken (all located in Saint John, NB) and The Smoking Pig BBQ (Quispamsis, NB).



Kim has worked as a Research Assistant for the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and has been Certified Organic by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) in past years. Both experiences have helped her to become aware of the requirements for organic production. She has also run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, providing 15-20 local families with fresh, flavourful foods. She knows how to keep a constant supply!

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology and 10 years of experience in a learning environment as a Lab Technician in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of New Brunswick.