Budding Gardener- Parent & Child

Budding Gardener- Parent & Child

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Parent & Child Growing Together Workshop  

  • May 26, 2019 2-4 PM

Do you love being active and outdoors with your children? Looking to find new ways to spend quality time together? This workshop is a perfect fit for you! You and your child(ren) will be learning together as I walk you through the basics of food gardening, starting with soil and seeding, plant care and maintenance, and how to harvest! You and your child(ren) will learn how to properly transplant your young plants (you get to choose from our selection of plant starts!), and learn all kinds of tips and tricks for a plentiful harvest at home!

**If your child has an interest in gardening, but isn’t sure if a week-long camp is right for them, this workshop is the perfect introduction to Axil Gardens and what to expect in our garden environment!

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