Axil Gardens
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workshops for adults and families & Kids camps.

Explore our gardens where we aim to create and provide a learning environment that is fun and engaging for all ages & skill levels. 


kids camps

sprouts summer camps



Sprouts summer camps aim to provide an active and engaging environment for children to get (re)connected with the source of their food, to experience the difference in flavour of freshly harvested food and to get them excited about all aspects of garden biology. From pollinators to soil to the plant itself, we strive to get your kids excited about their food! 


what to expect


  • Little Seed, Big Seed: All about seeds and germination
  • Roots and Shoots: Plant anatomy basics
  • Get Dirty!: Soil science and the "magic" of composting
  • Friends of the Garden: Bees, butterflies, earthworms, birds and more!
  • Swimming daily at the QPlex (weather permitting) & Nature Walks

beginning & learning

budding gardeners



***Adult and Parent & Child workshops now available***

We aim to provide our clients with the knowledge and confidence to get started in growing their own culinary home garden and to provide advice and information to those who may have a struggling garden or looking to expand or diversify their current garden. 



what to expect

  • Parent & Child Growing Together Workshop; Start with the soil, growing in pot vs. ground, seed selection, seeding, transplanting & more!

  • Edible Gardening Basics Workshop (Adults Only); An intro to edible gardening- options for home, soil & plant selection, on-going care and small space garden solutions!


school learning sessions

new school



We are looking to shake things up a bit and bring back some old school learning. We want to revisit the (improved) basics that our grandparents loved and shared. Let's get some fresh air, create a better understanding of where our food comes from and get our hands dirty!

Think edible schoolyard!