Several Varieties to Choose From!

1. Starlett (or Curled) Parsley: curled parsley, performs well under various conditions and has a great shelf live after harvest.

2. Giant of Italy Parsley: flat leaf parsley. A very large Italian strain of parsley with great flavour. Perfect for sauces.

3. Sweet Basil: a MUST HAVE! Easy to grow. Develops bushy plants with aromatic, spicy leaves.

4. Purple Basil: deep purple leaves and stems make a colourful alternative to common green basil.

5. Basil Blend: a mix of green & purple and sweet & spicy varieties. Makes for a beautiful and slightly different pesto!

6. Cilanto: sharply flavoured leaves and aromatic seeds of this favourite annual are a staple of Mexican, Mediterranean & Asian cuisines.

7. Chives: a kitchen staple! Mild onion, flavour used in salads, soups, stews, omelettes and dips. Stunning purple-blue flowers can be used in salads or as a garnish.

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All herb seedlings are sold in 4" pots.

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